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Envirolab 1


What has happened to Carterville Creek?  This kit uses a clever story line to teach chemistry and the relevance of chemistry in the community.

The thriving community of Carterville has been growing in leaps and bounds. After a long stretch of a bad economy, Carter Creek Paper and Plastics (CCPP) has doubled its business. This means more jobs, opportunities and $$$ for the area! But, there is a dark cloud on the horizon for the Carterville area. The creek has been found to be polluted!!

Your students have been hired by a local chemical testing lab to find the nature of the contamination and locate its source. The students perform chemical tests on both the water and sediment from the creek. Once the tests have been performed they decide who or what is responsible for the fouling of the creek. All tests are simulations of real tests for lead, mercury, PCBs and 2,4 D (2, 4-Dischlorophenoxyacetic Acid).

Includes a teacher’s guide.

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